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If you are accused of drug possession, drug trafficking, possession of marijuana or other crimes and you need a trial attorney to represent you in a North Platte, NE Ogallala, NE Keith County, NE Chappell, or Deuel County Nebraska court, call Russ Jones Attorney At Law. Russ Jones has extensive knowledge of criminal and drug crime defense. You can rest assured that he will be prepared to provide the right defense for drug or marijuana charges including edibles, hashish and THC concentrate.
Russ Jones Attorney At Law is a licensed lawyer who handles cases of different kinds. His locally-owned legal firm provides a wide array of legal services, including legal consultations and court representation. His law firm is also insured, so you can rest assured that even your relevant documents are taken care of.

Should you find yourself being accused of drug trafficking or other criminal acts, a criminal defense lawyer like Russ Jones Attorney At Law will provide you the legal consultation you need. He will ensure that you are aware of the steps you can take in the course of the trial. He will also make sure that your rights as an accused individual are protected.

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