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Cannabis Police Control — Drug Defense Lawyer in North Platte, NE
Russ Jones Law, located in North Platte, Nebraska, offers vigorous legal defense to travelers throughout western Nebraska who have been charged with marijuana possession, marijuana trafficking or any other drug crime including possession of edible marijuana products, THC concentrate or hashish.

Nebraska State Patrol, City of Ogallala Police and the Keith County Sheriff’s police stop travelers entering from states where marijuana has been legalized like Colorado and California. Traffic entering Nebraska from Colorado where Interstate 76 merges with Interstate 80 near Ogallala, Nebraska in Keith County, Nebraska are often stopped and searched for marijuana and other illegal drugs.

Police don’t always play by the rules when it comes to search and seizure on Interstate 80 in Nebraska so experienced legal representation is important.

Simple possession of an ounce or less of marijuana is a criminal misdemeanor. Possession and trafficking large quantities of marijuana and selling any quantity of marijuana are felonies punishable by up to 5 years in prison along with the possibility of large fines.

Russ Jones is available to defend marijuana charges in Ogallala, Nebraska, marijuana charges in Keith County, Nebraska, marijuana and drug charges in North Platte, Nebraska as well as other cities and counties along Interstate 80 including Gothenburg, Cozad, Chappell and Deuel County Nebraska.

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Are you looking for a criminal defense lawyer in North Platte, NE? Get in touch with Russ Jones Attorney At Law. He can review your case and come up with recommendations on what you can do next. Apart from that, he is also a legal practitioner that handles cases involving juvenile law.

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Criminal convictions can severely damage your reputation. It can be surprising how a simple criminal conviction can change your life. Hire Russ Jones Attorney At Law as your defense lawyer and keep your reputation untarnished.